A KG Trip To Farm

School News December 08, 2017
A KG Trip To Farm

Last week all six classes went on a trip to a local farm in Changzhou. 

After a short bus ride the day began with a craft activity, the KG1 and KG3 classes designed their own bags and the KG2 classes designed their own plates using a range of materials. They had lots of fun using their imagination to create their own designs. 

When they finished with their designs the pupils headed inside to make their own delicious dumplings. Everybody got the chance to make some themselves in order to enjoy with the rest of their lovely lunch. 

After lunch the children went for a walk to see a small aquarium and other small animals.  

From here the children had a little break on the playground in order to stretch their legs and work on their gross motor skills. They even got the chance to go through a mirror maze and out through a topsy turvy house. 

The pupils then went on to see the large farm animals; they got the chance to feed goats, cows, pigs and dogs. They loved getting up close to the animals. 

Finally the children got the chance to plant their own radishes, they dug, planted and watered their plants to make sure they would grow nicely. The children all enjoyed getting their hands dirty and it was a great end to a fun day at the farm! 

The children represented Wycombe Abbey International School exceptionally well and demonstrated good manners.