Grade 4 and 5 House Sports Competitions

School News December 11, 2017
Grade 4 and 5 House Sports Competitions

The 2017 girls’ uni-hoc and boys’ football competitions were to allow all pupils to experience competition and to develop some sporting values such as determination, excellence, friendship, respect, equality, inspiration and fair play.  

The planned schedule of having two courts available for both events had to be changed at the last-minute due to pollution levels being too high, but this didn’t affect the enjoyment.  

The pupils’ performance was a joy to watch as all pupils played with such enthusiasm, passion and energy. The spectators were also in good voice and continually chanted encouragement to the teams. In the opening few games the pupils chased down every ball and spaced was limited however as the competition progressed the pupils started to become more tactically aware and started to use the space more wisely.

The girls’ hockey final was Austen A (grade 4) vs Austen B (grade 5). The pupils lined up at the start and walked down the lines shaking one another’s hand. The game started, and the girls were evenly matched. Both teams were using the space intelligently and play was end to end. The winning goal came late in the game. Austen A managed to carve an opening and find the back of the net. Austen B did not have long enough to get back into the game. Both teams were a credit to themselves and their house.

After the group stages, in the boys’ football, things started to get much more competitive. The football was played at a high pace with lots of chances and desperate tackles. The second semi-final even had a penalty shootout after an intense last few minutes. The penalty shootout was won by Turner whose goalkeeper managed to save the ball with his bottom! In the final, were Grade 4 Blake and Grade 5 Turner – two teams who had won every game they had played.  The final started slowly, with each team showing nerves. But once Blake scored their first goal, there was no stopping them! They won the game 4-1 as clear winners of the boys’ football tournament.

The competition achieved many of its objectives and we are looking forward to organizing another house competition.