Orca Class Junk Model Hotels

School News February 09, 2018
Orca Class Junk Model Hotels

5G, Orca Class, were given the challenge of designing, creating and advertising a junk model hotel!  

They worked in pairs to plan and assemble their hotels using all sorts of left over rubbish including toilet rolls, yogurt pots and lots and lots of Mr Gaffney’s empty water bottles! Their imagination was fantastic! We had hotels in the trees and others in water; hotel castles and ships, each with different themes; and we even had a Christmas tree hotel where it’s Christmas everyday!

Each hotel had its own special features. There were all sorts of creative ideas, including robotic room service, GPS tracking for wandering children and a romantic retreat in the forest! These ideas really came to life once Miss M had helped the children to decorate their models. They started to look less and less like junk!

Our next part of the challenge was to advertise these hotels. In English, the children looked at lots of different adverts and pulled out all of the clever techniques that writers and designers use to sell products. We experimented with these techniques and worked on broadening our descriptive language.

Finally, we were ready to write our own hotel adverts. It was very pleasing to see how different each advert was and how much the children’s persuasive language has developed.

The Orca Holiday Resort is now officially open! Rooms are selling fast, so be sure to book your stay before they all go! Miss it, miss out!