Traditional Story Writing in the Dolphin Class!

School News February 27, 2018
Traditional Story Writing in the Dolphin Class!

This term the Dolphin Class have seen so much progress in their writing. We have been looking at traditional stories, such as The Gingerbread Man and utilizing them to create our own adaptations.  

Once pupils were comfortable recognizing the basic elements of traditional stories, they were given the opportunity to create their own. The first step was to design a ‘big plan’ for their story including a beginning, build-up, problem, solution, and ending. Pupils were encouraged to use as many elements from the Gingerbread Man as they could. 

After the pupils completed their plans they embarked on the next step- writing their first draft. We focused on content and increasing writing stamina during this time. Children used our classroom word wall, their peers, and our word board to assist them with spelling. 

Once pupils completed their first drafts, they were given an editing checklist. Pupils revised their work for basic errors using our checklist. Next, their work was peer edited. The last step was a ‘teacher-conference’ whereby the pupils worked one-on-one with a teacher to make their work as great as possible. 

During the final step, pupils used their edited work to make classroom books to share with our class. We focused on best hand-writing, creating front and back covers, and illustrations. Pupils put so much effort into their traditional stories and we are so proud of their final products. Well done!