Stingray Class putting their grammar into action!

School News March 16, 2018
Stingray Class putting their grammar into action!

Recently in Stingray class’ English lessons, we have been learning all about actions using -ing and activities. We learned the correct grammar for questions and answers using ‘I’m / He’s / She’s / We’re / They’re’ through a number of fun games and silly activities using the pupils as our actors.

We’ve been acting out actions such as running, dancing, swimming, playing, singing and using these visual cues to ask and answer questions such as ‘What’s he doing? / What are they doing? / Is she ___ing? / Are they ____ing?’

After we learned about actions we learned more complex sentences to make our language more interesting. For example, instead of merely saying ‘He’s playing’ we added extra vocabulary to describe the action more fully, such as ‘He’s playing the guitar.’

We made a long list of actions and thought up ways to turn them into activities (eating — eating pizza / reading — reading a book / singing — singing a song). After this, we mixed up our actions and activities to make silly sentences such as ‘What’s he doing? He’s eating a book’ or ‘Are they flying a pizza? Yes, they are.’

The topic has been a lot of fun and we have played a lot of games and worked hard on both our spoken and written grammar. The visual aspect of seeing the pupils acting out our actions and activities has been very fun and it was great to see them using their imaginations in creative ways. Good work Stingrays!