Penguin Class Working Hard!

School News March 21, 2018
Penguin Class Working Hard!

The penguin class of Grade 3 have been doing some fascinating work into animals, states of matter, and Ancient Egypt this past week. 


We have been working hard on our non-fiction work thinking about some of the animals we may encounter on our zoo visit this Friday. The class have shown excellent research skills to find out interesting facts about lions, wolves, monkeys, giraffes and rhinos. We have been working on how we can organise and ‘chunk’ our writing into paragraphs and use subheadings to organise these. The class produced some wonderful animal reports and capped off an excellent topic by assessing each other’s work; commenting on what they liked about the work and how it could have been improved. 


We continue to explore our newest topic; States of Matter. We have been looking at the behavior of solids, liquids and gasses and have demonstrated this by acting as particles. This week we explored the water cycle and looked at how water becomes a gas and then a liquid again. We will continue to explore permanent and non-permanent changes in the new term.  


We have been looking at the life of ancient Egyptians. This week to turned 3 members of 3R into Mummies! Next week we will be looking at how the Egyptians used to communicate with Hieroglyphics.