This Week in the Narwhal Class

School News April 19, 2018
This Week in the Narwhal Class

Greetings from the the Narwhal class!

As you can see in the photo, the Narwhal class made an energetic start to the week as they tackled some rather tricky vocabulary in our science unit on the digestive system. We made a start on learning the names of some of the human body’s vital organs by playing a fun game where small teams of students had to race to re-create their own (labelled) diagrams based on the teacher’s version that the teams would have only short intervals of exposure to. 

It is also fitting that we take a moment to congratulate the newly-elected mayors of 5A2! During the recent unit in our textbooks about cities and the politics behind them, we prepared some written work for the display board outside our classroom and, based on this work, held some mock mayoral elections.

Good luck to Alex Pan and Ricky Wang as the newly elected mayors of 5A2!