Fantastic sports day in KG

School News May 04, 2018
Fantastic sports day in KG

On Friday 27th April the kindergarten department held their second annual sports day. It was a great afternoon where all pupils got the chance to participate in a range of events while their parents got the chance to support and also see some of the skills they have been learning within their PE lessons. 

Everybody got the chance to take part in six events, an egg and spoon race, a sack race, a three-legged race, a 50m sprint, a long throw and an over and under obstacle race.

The children all tried their best and demonstrated a range of athletic skills. They also proved themselves to be excellent competitors, not only from trying their best but also by supporting their friends when they were not competing and by cheering on for their classmates when they won. 

After the children had finished spending the afternoon competing on a lovely sunny afternoon it was time for well-deserved snacks and an ice lolly! Everybody got a certificate for participating and trying their best. Over all, it was a great day had by pupils, teachers and parents!