Spring arrives for the Lobster class!

School News May 09, 2018
Spring arrives for the Lobster class!

The Lobster class were very excited to see that Spring had finally arrived! They just couldn’t wait to tell us about everything that they could touch, smell, see, hear and even taste. We decided to write a descriptive paragraph to tell everybody just how wonderful Spring is. 

But hold on! We first needed to learn some important things, like what a descriptive paragraph is and how to write them.

A descriptive paragraph is a piece of writing that attempts to describe the world around us, to notice all the little details and get them down on paper. When we write descriptive paragraphs, we use adjectives to help us get all the little details right and to make our writing more interesting. 

We asked the pupils: “which sentence is better?” 

The boys played a joke.

The fat, noisy boys played a big, funny joke.

Then we practiced making sentences more interesting by taking them apart and adding adjectives in the correct places (before the noun). Finally, we had a look at our five senses and how we can use adjectives to tell somebody what we can see, hear, smell, taste and feel. Now we were ready to write.

But wait! We needed some inspiration. We took a quick field trip outside along the river to write down everything we could experience with our five senses. Now we were ready. We wrote some wonderful descriptive paragraphs. Reading them you could easily imagine taking a relaxing stroll by the river with Spring all around you.