WAIS U11 Footballers are the Champions!

School News May 14, 2018
WAIS U11 Footballers are the Champions!

WAISCZ arrived at Shanghai Bilingual School with two teams. The “A” team being made up from the more experienced players and the “B” team being mainly grade 3’s who are keen and very pleased to be picked represent the school.

In the first game the “A” team played SUIS Hongqiao. The team started well and went ahead with a well worked goal with L. Angeheben finishing with composure. SUIS reacted well and scored a goal that squeezed through C. Parkin’s legs. WAISCZ then surged forward and fed a through ball to L. Angeheben who found the back of the net for his second goal. The team then lost a little concentration and conceded a goal. The final score was 2-2.

The next against YKPS proved to be very one sided with WAISCZ passing the ball well and using the width of the pitch to good advantage. The boys managed to win 4-0 with C. Rensburg scoring a hat-trick and D. Zhu scoring the fourth.

In the third game against SHSID both team managed to cancel each other out and neither side managing to create any real goal scoring opportunities. The result 0-0. This meant that SHSID won the group and WAISCZ finished second. Both teams went through to the semi-finals. 

In the semi-final the team played SUIS Pudong. The team started well with a lot of energy and quickly closed the opposition down when not in possession. With the ball, the team moved it around quickly and soon went one goal ahead. L. Angeheben scored a brace before being substituted with an injury and C. Rensburg and S. Zhou made the score 4-0.

In the final the boys met SHSID. The game started with SHSID creating a good scoring opportunity but C. Parkin reacted well to save. The team quickly settled and soon looked the most likely to score. The goal came from a corner. R. Ma timed his run to perfection to come in at the far post late to bundle the ball into the back of the net. The boys never looked likely to lose the lead and when the final whistle blew the boys jumped with joy. This is the first trophy of the season and one that the boys thoroughly enjoyed and deserved to win. R. Ma, who was Captain was presented with the trophy.

Thank you to Mr. Jamieson who managed the “B” which is so important in aiding the younger pupils development. We are very proud of the attitude and commitment that both teams showed. Well done everyone.