Shark Class cooking up a recipe for successful Maths!

School News May 21, 2018
Shark Class cooking up a recipe for successful Maths!

This week, the British Mathematics Class in Shark class has been learning all about units of measurements. We have discussed weight, length, time and capacity and learnt the unit names for each measure. We discovered how to convert between kilograms, grams and milligrams and discussed the metric system.

To put this knowledge to the test, in a way that is often encountered in everyday life, we decided to get baking! A recipe for delicious protein energy balls was produced, but unfortunately the ingredients were listed in kilograms and milligrams and the children were dismayed to find that the scales only weighed in grams! Luckily, the children were able to use their mathematical understanding of how to convert between the two measurements to change the recipe into the appropriate units. 

The lesson also allowed a focus on food hygiene and nutrition. We analysed the ingredients of the energy balls and discussed why this was a healthier choice than other baking recipes and why the body needs protein, carbohydrates and fat. Everybody contributed well to the discussion in addition to the baking activity and we all thought the protein energy balls were delicious!