Having a SMASHING time in Science

School News June 11, 2018
Having a SMASHING time in Science

The science curriculum in Grade 5, encourages children to understand how science can be used to explain what is occurring, how things will behave and helps them to answer scientific questions about the world around them. This term we have been learning about Forces.

First, we talked about the science. The challenge for Grade 5 was to create an apparatus in which a raw egg might survive a fall, so we talked about forces that might act on the egg as it plummets toward the ground.

Next, came the collaborative, hands-on work. With some basic materials the Grade 5 engineers could apply their understanding of forces and went to work building all manner of creations.

During the building stage I walked around the tables asking questions about their designs and giving them an opportunity to use scientific vocabulary to explain their choices.

Everybody feeling very EGGcited as they made their final preparations for the Egg drop.


Amazingly, the eggs only broke on 8 of the 20 drops – EGGtrodianary!

Everyone (well almost everybody), left with a smile while chattering about ideas of what to try next time, evidence of fantastic learning!