Grade 5’s trip to Nanbeihu Lake!

School News June 15, 2018
Grade 5’s trip to Nanbeihu Lake!

The grade 5s have just got back from a fantastic few days packed full of adventure down at the Nanbeihu lake scenic resort in Zhejiang province.


The children learnt a variety of skills such as cooking for themselves on camping stoves, putting up tents, using a compass, and tying and untying a variety of knots. All the while doing battle against the army of mosquitoes out in full force! 


The pupils enjoyed a variety of activities on offer including camping, kayaking, raft-building, catapult design, hiking, daunting “high ropes” activities, a treasure hunt and a variety of team-building exercises.

And by the time we had done all of that, we all looked like this: