Seahorse Cake Sale

School News June 26, 2018
Seahorse Cake Sale

Seahorse class have had a great finish to the year: they ran their own cake sale to raise money for a Changzhou animal charity.

Preparation started a few weeks ago when the children started to learn about what charity was and why we give money to charities. They looked at many different charities and decided upon one which was close to their hearts: an animal charity!

As part of the cake sale, the children would need to be able to handle and understand money. In Maths, they spent time learning about different Chinese coins and notes, and they practiced through lots of role play.

In the week before the cake sale, the children made posters to advertise the event and bunting to decorate the activity room. The work they produced was beautiful and gave more information about the charity, which really encouraged customers to buy more cakes!

For home learning, the children worked with their families to make cakes for the sale. It was so nice to see so many different types of cakes and biscuits. They all looked delicious!

On the day of the cake sale, the children set out their stalls and used the cake labels that they had created themselves. They used lots of different adjectives that they had learnt about in class: delicious, yummy, tasty and mouth-watering!

All of the classes in KG got to visit the cake sale and buy some cakes, whilst in the process giving money to charity. Even some of the children from Primary got the opportunity to come across and buy some lovely treats! It was a great success: the customers were very happy with their tasty cakes and we raised over 2600RMB for the charity! The children couldn’t believe how much they had raised and were so pleased with themselves.

It was the perfect learning experience involving English, maths, cookery, art and design, hygiene and even business skills! We are very proud of the Seahorse class! They are little entrepreneurs in the making!