Last week in Grade 3 Penguin Class

School News October 16, 2018
Last week in Grade 3 Penguin Class

The Penguin class have been exploring Myths and Legends last week in English. We have read the story of Romulus and Remus, the founding of Rome, looking at how siblings do not always get along. The class have been recalling key events from the story, exploring character feelings through drama and writing descriptive phrases to improve sentences from the story.

During Maths lessons, our class has been working with Number and Place Value. We have been ordering and comparing numbers beyond a 1000, rounding, partitioning and sequencing numbers. We have linked our Maths work to our English work by exploring Roman Numerals; the number system used by the Ancient Romans.

Healthy living continues to be the theme in our PSHE lessons, we have been discussing the importance of having a balanced plate and how we can achieve this in the school canteen during lunch times.

Our Topic this term has been studying the life and times of the Ancient Egyptians. Using our Maths skills to create and order a timeline, using comprehension skills to learn about the importance of the Nile, as well as looking at using Hieroglyphs to write like an Egyptian.