Super Science with Dolphin

School News October 21, 2018
Super Science with Dolphin

We have been having lots of fun in Science lessons in Dolphins class so far this academic year. Our topic is ‘Living Things and their Habitats’. We started by comparing things that are living and non-living. All of the children looked around our room to find things that are not living. The children were able to note that although the clock moved itself, it could not eat, drink or breathe so it must be non-living.

We then went outside onto our school playground to take part in a minibeast hunt in order to observe small animals in their natural habitats. All of the children searched high and low looking for animals. The children loved searching underneath the wild flowers at the edge of the playground because there were so many minibeasts hiding there. We even spotted a humongous worm having a morning walk on the pathway. The Dolphins class found all kinds of minibeasts and made a list of what they had found as they hunted around. 

Following our minibeast hunt the children wanted to know where to find some larger animals. As a class, we discussed how animals are suited to their environment. The children were very quick to point out that you would never find a camel living in an ocean or a shark living in a desert because these animals are not suited to living there.

We can’t wait to find out some more about the world and animals around us!