A Spooktacular Halloween

School News November 01, 2018
A Spooktacular Halloween

We had a Spooktacular day on Wednesday, celebrating Halloween in style with the full day off timetable and an evening Zombie Chase with the boarders. 

I have to say the children, parents and staff put an incredible amount of effort into the day. 

The children’s costumes were brilliant, and the attention to detail put into the costumes this year was highlighted in the assembly on Wednesday afternoon.

We had 16 activities on throughout the day. The children rotated around them with some activities being 40 minutes of short sharp fun and games and others were longer. Mr. Huddleston and Mr. Ali ran four, 80 minute Spooky Story writing sessions. It was wonderful to hear onomatopoeia in their stories as Mr. Ali read out the best stories in assembly. Children definitely learn best when they are having fun and enjoying themselves! Miss Marnoch, Mr. Jacobs and Miss Du led the apple bobbing, which caused laughter that could be heard around the school. The pupils and adults had to race in 6s to the water bucket, pull out an apple before making their way swiftly to the flour bowl where they had to bite out a piece of candy. What a mess, but such good fun.

Halloween is one of the few days we allow the children and staff to feast on candy and we also had some sweet treat centred activities. Mr. Aydon and Miss Tina ran a donut eating competition where the pupils had to race against each other, using no hands. If you thought they looked scary before this, you should have seen them afterwards with icing sugar all over their faces! Miss Charo and Miss Summer did Halloween cookie decorating too, where the pupils had to choose a stencil and put their arty skills to the test. They looked great and tasted even better!

Mr. Gray, who is usually teaching English and sport showed off his other talents in the music room. For those that do not know Mr. Gray loves his music and thoroughly enjoyed putting together some creepy musical games. The day was not without its sport as for the Harry Potter fans out there, we played Quidditch. Of course, we do not yet possess any real wands or brooms at WAIS but we certainly can use our imagination. As Grade 5s found out. The bigger players playing the steady game whilst the more nippy players were looking to get the snitch in the small protected hoop at either end. It was great fun. With the younger pupils we played pirates where they had to take treasure (bean bags) from others Pirate Ships without being ‘tagged’. They could be sent to Pirate jail until another of their shipmates managed to free them. Arts and crafts activities were lots of fun too and the children made all sorts of creative pieces, including making pumpkin and Halloween trick or treat baskets with Miss McLoughlin and Miss Dai and Shadow Puppets with Mr. Rivers, Miss Zhu and Miss Chen.

All in all a really fantastic day was had. Well done to all of the children for being such good sports and getting stuck into the activities all day, and to the staff who put on such enjoyable and thought-provoking activities. We are already looking forward to next year!

To cap off the day the boarders had a Zombie Chase. Here the children were split up into teams. The following note was read out:

What was once a joke has turned into something serious. Zombies have taken over Shanghai and Beijing and rumour has it they are coming to the last known safe city in China – Changzhou. Assisted by monsters of the night they are looking to take over Wycombe Abbey. You must act quickly if you want to get the cure. Clues have been left around the school. You must piece together the information to solve the puzzle. Each clue has a key letter which in the end will make a jumbled word. The Doctor is trying to find a cure and he will need to ask you for the secret password. He has a secret lab that you must find once you have all the clues. You must not give rival groups any information or help. The first piece of information is located on the window of Mr. Jacob’s Office. Be careful and good luck!!!

Between the clues, the zombies (teachers) were hiding. Blood spatters were found next to Mr. Jacob’s room, which caused no ends of screams. Teachers waiting for the opportune moment to jump out and cause maximum fright. Fortunately, for those who did get scared and who did not want to join in, they had a safe haven in the Primary Common Room where Zombies could not get them. Thanks to Miss Qian who accompanied them, with the salt and garlic close at hand. Fortunately, the boarders managed to get round the course, well most of them, where they received the cure before heading to supper and then to the theatre for a mildly-spooky film.

Happy Halloween all!!