Autumn Term Primary Class Trips

School News November 03, 2018
Autumn Term Primary Class Trips

Grade 1 Trip

On the last Friday of term the whole of Grade 1 went out for the day. Grade 1 visited MeWe Castle where they split into smaller groups to take part in lots of super fun activities. All of the children got to find out about lots of different jobs. This involved lots of dressing up and acting. The children dressed as firemen and found out all about keeping safe near fire and what to do in an emergency. There were also some craft activities. All of the children became scientists and were able to make their own soap which they could take back home. 

After that everyone in Grade 1 walked over to Mr. Pizza to eat some delicious pepperoni and cheese pizzas. There was even some tasty smiley faces and fries with tomato sauce to dip! YUMMY!! All of the children enjoyed eating their pizzas and food with their friends but it definitely tired them out!

We all had such a super day and cannot wait until our next class trip.

Grade 2 

Turtles become Little Lions! 

On the Friday before the holiday, 2M escaped school and became wild rainforest animals in Xinbei. After a morning completing the tallest tower challenge using only spaghetti and marshmallows and watching Madagascar to get in the rainforest mood, 2M were ready and waiting on their bus to arrive at The Three Little Lions activity center. 

As they exited the lifts the children’s faces lit up as they were greeted by a world that was all their own. First, they ran to play in the jungle gym; wading through ball pits, crawling through tunnels and traversing across rope bridges. They truly did look like wild rainforest creatures as they scrambled amongst the greenery. 

Next, they ran to the mini town centre where they had the run of the cinema, supermarket, transport station, science museum and clothes shop. The children played wonderfully and they each found their favorite area. Harshil and Harry loved the bugs in the science area whilst Candice and Yantong enjoyed the clothes shop. Some children wanted to explore everything and did so via the miniature cars! 

Finally, after a wild play session the children settled down to a rainforest story. Lots of questions were asked and 2M amazed Little Lions staff and teachers with their extent of rainforest knowledge. They could relay lots of facts about a range of creatures and the rainforest habitat. They all enjoyed the animal guessing game at the end. 

After the story, everyone had worked up an appetite and we sat down to a lovely meal of burgers, fries and salad followed by fresh fruit platters. All the while, we were accompanied by a range of rainforest bugs although luckily none of those were eaten! 

After a delicious lunch and another quick play on the jungle gym it was time for the children’s next challenge: Guess the fruit. The children were split into four groups and were given a secret fruit to discover and dissect. Their challenge was to write down lots of descriptive words about their fruit but not mention the fruit itself. After lots of smelling, squishing, mashing, pulping and tasting the children had a range of adjectives ready to describe their fruit. Each group took to the stage to present their findings to the rest of the class. The avocado proved to be a challenging fruit to guess! 

After this it was time to create rainforest animal masks that the children could use in their role play at the end. 2M decorated a range of masks and each child morphed into their chosen creature ready for their role play lesson. They loved running around pretending to be rainforest creatures and listened carefully to the story which carried an important message about saving the rainforest, the children were very passionate about their rainforest homes! 

Finally, it was time to go home. Tired but happy, each child was presented with a certificate and gift bag to remember their trip by and we all got back on the bus to return to school. 

A huge thank you should be said for Mrs De Bos for organizing such a wonderful trip for 2M – THANK YOU!

The Stingray class have recently been learning about how to make food using ingredients (e.g. to make a milkshake you need milk and ice cream). The crab class have been learning about different foods and how to ask and answer about what foods they and others want. Because of this, both classes got together for their trip and went to Mr. Pizza to make their own pizzas. The pupils (and Mr. Gray) all put on their Mr. Pizza hats and aprons and started by rolling out their dough to make their pizza bases. After this, they put some tomato sauce and cheese on top. Then, it was time to add the toppings which ranged from meat, to onions, to sweetcorn and even potato! Finally, once the pizzas were cooked it was time to eat them, with every pupil eating the pizza that they had made with their own hands. The children were all very well behaved – especially when it came to lining up – and were rewarded at the end of the trip with an ice cream from KFC. Good work, Stingrays and Crabs!

Grade 3 Trip

On 2nd November, the Grade 3s set off for their day of baking. We arrived at Metoo Space, a fabulous restaurant where we would spend the day learning to how to bake Sawdust Cups and Mochis. 

The children had to follow instructions carefully as well as work in partners to achieve their end goal. A delicious treat! The trip aimed to improve their practical and creative skills, to impart an interest in baking and enhance teamwork skills.

During the morning session the Grade 3 pupils created their very own Mochi. They had to mix flour, eggs, milk and butter to make glossy and smooth Mochi balls, well for some anyway. Others were a little too eager with the dairy and ended up with more of a goo than a dough ball. The baking teacher handed out Mochi materials and taught them the baking procedure with patience and careful instruction. The Grade 3s were concentrating well and enjoyed kneading the dough and getting their fingers sticky. It was then time to get the tools involved as the pupils shared baking materials and took it in turns to put their choice of fillings in the Mochi. Some opted for a surprise of raisins or chocolate chips on the inside, others thought to mix it all together. It would be interesting to see how these came out of the oven. They discussed how to succeed and made two Mochi balls each. It was a tough task. However, no one gave up; all of them tried them best to bake Mochi balls. As we have been saying all term, perseverance is the key!

After an action-packed morning we were treated to nutritious lunch in the upstairs restaurant where we enjoyed gourmet spaghetti bolognaise and French fries. This was accompanied with a large bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice. Yum! 

In the afternoon, Grade 3 learned how to make two Sawdust Cups each. Comparing to Mochi, baking Sawdust seemed like a little bit easier. After the baking teachers displayed the procedure, we all got to work. First came the bashing of the digestive biscuits. Some used their initiative and used their water bottles as biscuit bashers were as others (Mr. Jacobs) used the heavy base of the local ornaments. This activity was a lot of fun and as we started to layer the biscuit with whipped cream we could not help but lick our fingers when there was accidental spillage.

By the end of baking trip, every pupil had a huge smile on their face, taking their own baking home to share with family alike. We all said a big thank you and jumped on the bus back to school.

Lots of skills used and lessons learned. I wonder how some of the parents found the taste of the Mochi balls. Mine were quite delicious!

Grade 4

Shark Class 

Grade 4M visited a baking studio in Canal 5. This is a place where cakes and biscuits are made. Instructors demonstrated and explained what the various tools were and how each piece of equipment should be used in the baking process.

Hygiene regulations were discussed and like all the employees, we washed our hands and tied our hair back before we began. This was to prevent the transfer of germs into the cake mixes and to prevent hair from contaminating the ingredients. In the morning, we baked gingerbread cookies. 

We beat the butter and sugar together and added the other ingredients to make the dough for the cookies. We rolled the dough out and used special cutters to make the biscuit shapes, before baking them on metal trays.

During lunch, we watched a fantastic ukulele performance and sang along to the well-known songs that were being played.

In the afternoon, we made oreo topped chocolate muffins. Again, we beat together the butter and sugar with flour to make the batter for the muffins and when mixed, divided it up into the individual muffin cases and sprinkled the oreo piece on the top of the batter and baked them until risen. 

A good time was had by all and the cakes were delicious.

Both Seal and Walrus class started the term by writing letters to Mr. Ali’s previous pupils in Cambridge, England.  They wrote about themselves, their likes and dislike and what China is like.  pupils also asked the children in England what they like to do in their free time and what Cambridge is like.  Both classes are now waiting for the children in England to reply.

A magical time in Walrus and Seal class!

This term pupils have been analysing fairytales.  First, they read lots of different fairytales, which were then retold through drama, pictures and verbally.  Children went onto identify features of fairytales by breaking them down based into different elements like identifying character archetypes, magic and repetition.  

Seal and Walrus had a fairytale day where children were able to apply their learning in different areas, which included designing T-shirts and masks using fairytale themes, making dioramas and through drama creating alternative fairytale endings.  

English . . . are you thinking about it enough? The pupils have now started their core reading text where children are being taught to analyse a picture book, where application of previous learning is detrimental.  

Stage one included scaffolding, drawing inferences from illustrations, where children were expected to discuss what they can see: for example ‘snow outside’ and use that knowledge to explain what they understand: ‘if it is snowing, then it must be cold’ and what they are wondering about: ‘if it is snowing, therefore cold . . . are the family warm inside the house?’  This basic method of analysing images will help model how the children should approach analysing text and in turn learn to manipulate sentences themselves to create impact and meaning.  

As part of the core reading, we are exploring the text through scripts and drama.  We will then move onto diary writing, understanding informal language, opinions and using specific language tools to help develop a range of sentence structures within their overall writing.

Ultimately, we want to create an alternative fairytale which combines all our previous learning from different fairytales using a variety of writing techniques such as fronted adverbials, time connectives and parenthesis in a fairytale structure that enables children to write sophisticatedly with every sentence packing a punch.

Grade 5

Split between two days, the Grade 5’s had a wonderful experience at this Mongolian style horse ranch and outdoor activities resort. Activities included a horse-riding show by some native Mongolian coaches, horse-riding, a speed boat trip out on West Tai lake and plenty of ball games and running around on the grass fields of this beautiful scenic area.