Gold Medalists open the Dome

School News November 29, 2018
Gold Medalists open the Dome

One of the world’s largest sports domes had some world class performers opening the doors for the first time. WAIS will be the envy of any school by providing its pupils with massive indoor sports dome which means that the pupils of WAIS can continue with Physical Education lessons regardless of the weather or pollution levels. It will also allow training for sports teams late into the evening and allow pupils to have fun in a safe environment where the air quality is continually monitored and filtered.

In the first week that the Dome has been opened, it was used everyday because of pollution levels being high in the local area. This meant that over 600 pupils were still taught sports such as Rugby, Netball, Hockey and Tennis by specialized staff.

The Great British Ladies Hockey team, who are current Olympic champions came to meet some of our primary pupils and Hollie Pearne-Webb the GB captain, did the honors of cutting the ribbon to open the dome. The Great Britain Team competed in the champions trophy which was held in Changzhou, they played against China on Saturday 17th November drawing 2:2. The China team ended up 4th in the competition and Great Britain 5th.

The Great Britain Team were very jealous of the Dome, particularly when they have to train in the cold winter months back in Britain. Hollie Pearne -Webb said, “The pupils at Wycombe Abbey don’t comprehend how important this facility will be to them to develop into excellent young sportsmen and women in the future, they are very fortunate!”