Primary House Sports

School News November 18, 2018
Primary House Sports

The eagerly awaited House sports competition was upon us. It was made even more exciting as this was the first House Sports competition to be held in our wonderful new Sports Dome. This term the sports were Football for the boys and Netball for the girls, this terms key sports.

Grade 3 Boys-Football

For the first time, the Grade 3 had their House competition in the morning. In the Grade 3 football the boys absolutely loved playing on the large AstroTurf football pitch in the dome. Everyone played at least 40 minutes of football as they were split into 5 Houses, all playing four matches each. We are delighted that the House system is becoming so much stronger and there were a large number of House points on offer for the winning Houses.

The overall results for the Grade 3 football: 

1st Newton

2nd Blake

3rd Elgar

4th Turner and Hawking

Well done to R. Huang who scored 7 goals during the morning and to H. Liao who scored 6 goals. The overall Most Valuable Player was H. Liao and the Sportsmanship award was awarded to J. Chen who played his heart out, was graceful in defeat and played for Turner, which is not his House. Well done J. Chen. It was a great morning with lots of skillful football on show. I would also like to give a special mention to J Yu and E Li in Grade 5 who refereed the Grade 3 matches. They were fair and showed composure throughout.

Grade 3 Girls-Netball

This was the first time that Grade 3’s had competed in a house competition.  All the girls were bubbling with energy and were eager to get started.

In the opening game, Dove and Austen fought well but could only manage a scoreless draw.

The Cavell team had two potent attackers in T. Chen and Neve who linked well in all their games. Both girls taking their shooting opportunities to take the lead against Dove and Austen. Combine this with good defending and Cavell were unstoppable.  Cavell were overall winners and should be congratulated on their strong team performance. All the girls played well and showed good sportsmanship qualities throughout the competition.

Two individual awards were handed out. The first was the MVP award and it went to T. Chen. The Sportsmanship award went to Neve.  Well done to both girls.

A special big thank you goes to J. Zhou, L. Li and L. Wang for doing an excellent job umpiring and coaching the Grade 3’s.

Grade 4 Boys – Football

With four teams competing (Newton, Blake, Turner and Scott) and a great deal of excitement bought to the indoor tennis court that afternoon, this was sure to be an edge-of-your-seats couple of hours! And the boys certainly didn’t disappoint! A special mention goes out to the Scott team that was valiantly compiled of boys from Scott but also from some of our newer houses. Similarly, where some teams came up against others who had an extra player due to odd vs. even numbers, some of our boys were very magnanimous in their willingness to even up the numbers and come to the rescue of the underdogs!

Special mention should go to L.Angheben, Newton’s star striker! L. Angheben’s valuable contribution in the Newton VS. Turner game produced what must be a WAIS record finishing score of 9-1! It was great to be able to witness amazing sportsmanship all-round, with an additional special mention going to D. Zhang (Turner) who never let the prospect of defeat deter him from rallying his team mates on.

Even though it is all just a game…the all-important results! Newton followed the example of their elders in grade five by bagging first place and taking home the trophy! The Blake boys put up a brave fight and in doing so were our very valiant runners up (second place), which left Turner and Scott to bring up the rear.

Thanks to Mr. Grieves for his excellent refereeing and well done to all our grade four footballers for a very commendable performance and, more importantly, display of sportsmanship.  

Grade 4 Girls-Netball

In the Grade 4 competition the girls were a pleasure to watch as they played with such enthusiasm and determination. In the last game of the match Cavell played Dove.  Both teams were unbeaten and there was a lot riding on the outcome of this game. Both teams played well and there was end to end action, however Cavell were more clinical in front of goal and won by 5 goals to 2.

The MVP award went to L. Ding and the Sportsmanship award went to A. Kitti who constantly encouraged her team.

A special big thank you goes to Annabel for umpiring the games.

Grade 5 Boys-Football

After lunch it was time for the Grade 4s and 5s to battle it out for top spot. We all met in the basketball court where they were given a detailed brief by Mr Bryant. We also need to say a big thank you to Mr Bryant for all of the wonderful time and organization he put into the event! There was much hype about who was going to win and it was all to play for. It was a close competition and well done to the goal scorers J. Yu, X. Clark, T. Meng, C. Lin and T. Liu. The Most Valuable Player award was a tough decision as S. Patino and J. Yu were nominated but it was Newton’s K. Zhang who deserved the award. The Sportsmanship trophy was awarded to J. Jing for always trying his best, helping others if they fell down and also being graceful in defeat.

The overall results for the Grade 5 football:

1st Newton 

2nd Blake

3rd Barbarians (Scott, Hawking and Elgar)

4th Turner

Grade 5 Girls-Netball

A fiercely competitive Grade 5 girls netball competition took place in the air dome. Austen came in as hot favourites, bearing in mind that these girls when in Grade 4 had beaten the Grade 5 Austen girls in last year’s house netball competition. Some superb performances from L. Wang, L. Chen, A. Wang (all Cavell), J. Zhou, C.  Shang, A. Bi (all Austen), made for some entertaining netball, and the Dove and Fonteyn battled well throughout. Particularly well done to the Fonteyn girls, consisting mostly of new girls to the school who had not played much netball if at all before joining WAIS. In the end, it came down to a group match between Cavell and Austen, with these two houses having beaten Dove and Fonteyn respectively in their other games. Austen took the win in a fantastic match, with J. Zhou, MVP for the tournament, scoring multiple times. Well done Austen!