Primary Boarding Christmas Trip to Disney

School News December 09, 2018
Primary Boarding Christmas Trip to Disney

This past Sunday, the WAIS Primary Boarders braved the cold conditions in the area as they boarded the bus at 6am to go to Shanghai Disney, for the primary Christmas trip. Everyone was wrapped up warm and very excited as they set off, with a few taking the chance to catch up on an hour or two of sleep before arrival!

By 9.30am, the famous Disney Castle was in sight, and the excitement of the children reached fever pitch. Being divided up into height order groups with various members of staff supervising, the children entered the park and started to go around the different areas of Disney, including Adventure Isle, Tomorrowland, and Toy Story Land.

Particular favourites were the ride, Tron, which nearly all the pupils summed up the courage to get on (with many of the Grade 5s wanting another thrill ride as soon as they’d finished), and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, where the children came face to face with swashbuckling pirates!

At lunchtime and dinnertime, there were delicious food options available for the children, from hamburgers, to fried chicken, and even Mickey Mouse Pizzas!

After a day of travelling around the park, children boarded the bus back to Changzhou with full bellies and memories of an excellent day with their friends and their teachers at the magical Disney resort. A lovely way to end the first term for our Primary boarders!