Repeating Patterns in Shark Class

School News February 01, 2019
Repeating Patterns in Shark Class

Shark class has been having some amazing fun with repeat patterns! Look all around you - there are patterns everywhere! It can be really complicated and difficult to make things repeat and there are all kinds of rules to adhere to, but thanks to Miss Mellor's genius, secret information, Shark class were shown a very clever and speedy way to produce repeated images. 

Firstly, Miss Mellor showed us some examples of repeat patterns and we spent some time searching for them in our environment. Special attention was shown to different kinds of repeats, and points were awarded to those pupils who could spot an unusual formation. 

Then, we started to choose our motifs. We were looking for theme around Greek Mythology because we have recently been studying this and our heads are full of all things Greek. We thought about urns, tessellated lines and symbology. Then we all drew our images. We had to remember not to go too near to the edges - we needed a clear margin of white around the page. 

Miss Mellor showed us the magic way to cut our images in half, stick, rotate and repeat. We had to remember to do this in a strict order, or it wouldn't work. Once we had followed the instructions and Miss Mellor had checked that we were all in alignment; we filled in some of the spaces and added some colour. 

Next, we took our chopped-up images to the photocopier and printed out copies, which we stuck together and Hey Presto! we had produced complicated repeat patterns in a jiffy.