The Narwhal Class close-up this week!

School News February 21, 2019
The Narwhal Class close-up this week!

The Narwhals have welcomed some new pupils to grade five this week and it is great to see so many of them in boarding – a very warm welcome to twin sisters L. Wu and J. Zhu, C. Du, L. Zhou, J. Tian and J. Zhu. It sure does get confusing having four Jerrys in the class!

Getting pupils speaking English!

With so many new faces in the class, we have done lots of activities this week that “break the ice” and get the pupils up on their feet and speaking English with each other. In the above photos, you can see the Narwhals playing a variation of the game ‘20 questions’ – each pupil had a post-it note with a common noun written on it stuck to their back (they didn’t know what the word was) and proceeded to go round the classroom asking other pupils questions to find out what they were. In some cases, this was no easy task, especially with the English-only rule, but it made the little treat at the end all the more rewarding!  

Book Week Announcement:

Mr. Aydon has already announced to parents that the book that both the 5A1 and 5A2 classes will be studying during the upcoming book week is ‘The Indian In The Cupboard’ by Lynne Reid Banks. This is a fantastic children’s story about a magic cupboard, first published in 1995, and which was then a hugely popular part of the British primary curriculum in schools all over England. Mr. Aydon will be sending out more information about this soon.