Penguin Class: Time flying by learning about Roald Dahl

School News February 25, 2019
Penguin Class: Time flying by learning about Roald Dahl


With World Book Day fast approaching, Penguin class have been researching the life and career of one of our favourite children’s writers; Roald Dahl. Learning about the life of Roald Dahl has been incredibly interesting and the pupils were amazed at how many of Roald’s stories were based on his life and events that he experienced! Using all our knowledge on Roald, the pupils wrote wonderful biographies of their own, focussing on writing in chronological order, using third person pronouns and gripping the reader with interesting opening paragraphs. The pupils will now be studying one of Roald’s books and will use the story as inspiration for more fantastic writing. 


With time flying by this academic year, the first week back after Chinese New Year was the perfect opportunity to explore time. The pupils looked at a range of skills from reading the time to minute intervals on both analogue and digital clocks, converting units of time and applying their time knowledge to solve everyday problems. With their excellent knowledge of time, the Penguin class will never be late again! Moving forward, the class will be exploring time problems faced in everyday life before moving onto measurement of weight and capacity and looking at converting mixed units of measurement.  


Based on this terms theme of gratitude, the Penguin class pulled off a singing masterclass to perform Louis Armstrong’s classic ‘What a Wonderful World’. The pupils thought about all the things they were grateful for and it was clear that we truly do live in a wonderful world.