Impressive Weekend for Primary Sport in Shanghai

School News February 24, 2019
Impressive Weekend for Primary Sport in Shanghai

This past weekend, our primary rugby and netball teams headed to Shanghai for their latest round of fixtures, and the first after the Spring Festival break. All the boys and girls who represented the school did so superbly and the progress they are all making is really fantastic to see.

The netball team travelled to Dulwich College, Puxi, and the rugby team had a last minute change of location (so late that the bus had to change route as the bus had already left school when the venue changed!) to Shanghai Community Sports Club (SCSC), a field they had played had three times previously this year.

All the teams are continuing to build momentum towards the “Finals Day” on Saturday 23rd March 2019 at Dulwich College, Pudong, with the next round of rugby fixtures here in Changzhou at school on the WAIS rugby field. All parents are encouraged to come and watch and encourage the team, whilst the netball team head to the British International School Shanghai (BISS), Puxi.

Match Reports below:

Under 11 Rugby

Venue: Shanghai Community Sports Club (SCSC)

Saturday 23rd February 2019

This term the U9 and U11 rugby teams have gone from strength to strength. We train twice a week and we are beginning to run with the ball more comfortably, support the ball carrier and defend as a line. These three things were the difference in Saturday’s matches.

However, Saturday did not go to plan. We were up at 5.30am ready for a good day of rugby. Unfortunately as we were on the bus traveling past Suzhou we had a message saying the match had to be cancelled. What a disaster! However, the Hairy Crabs and the Japanese Seahorses were keen to play and so we switched grounds from Dulwich College to Shanghai Community Sports Club.

The U11s had a good warm up. We looked at our new positional structure A, B, B, C, C, D, D and today we played 8 a side so we added and extra wide player, E.

Our defense was superb all day and even the opposition’s stronger ball carriers we managed to get down. Often one would make the initial hit and then another would come in and wrap the legs. As the games went on we started to compete at the breakdown more and turned some good ball over.

In the first game against the Seahorses we ran some hard lines. With support at the breakdown it allowed us to get over the gain line and drew in the defenders. On such a big pitch there was space out wide and so we introduced a “flash” ball. If Mr. Wood shouted flash then we would look to get the ball wide as quickly as possible to our fast wingers (D) positions. E.Li (who has been given a new nickname “Twinkle Toes” for his fast feet on the field) ran well and got on the score sheet before X. Clarke ran with great determination down the right wing breaking through two tackles and scoring a great try. J. Cao found himself in space after two good phases and E. Yang finished off the game with a full length try. Some great play! However, the highlight of the match was Y. Wang’s tackle as he folded the Seahorse in half, with quite some power!

Final score: WAIS U11 4 - 1 Japanese Seahorses

Try scorers: J. Cao, E. Li, X. Clarke, E. Yang

The second game was a game of two halves. We went three tries up thanks to some powerful running from X. Clarke and a switched on T-K. Martin who weaves his way through their defense. We then switched off and got complacent. We didn’t turn when catching the kick off leading to two knock ons and scrums on our 5 metre line. Ouch! As we were approaching the final minute it was 3-3. X. Clarke was tackled high around the neck and a penalty was given. We took a breath and ran it up hard, we were stopped in out tracks before the ball was thrown over T-K. Martin to T. Liu who drew his man and passed out wide to debutant J.  Yu (aka “Fish”) who pressed turbo and flew around the outside of their defense, placing the ball over the try line with a huge smile. Final whistle and a huge cheer from the boys!

Final score: WAIS 4 - 3 Shanghai Hairy Crabs

Try scorers: X. Clarke, T-K. Martin (2), J. Yu

Under 9 Rugby

Venue: Shanghai Community Sports Club (SCSC)

Saturday 23rd February 2019

This weekend saw the WAIS U9s team travelling to Shanghai once again to compete in more rugby fixtures. The team had been working hard on their structure in both attack and defense and were prepared for the games using our A,B/B,C/C,D/D positioning.

The first game was against the Shanghai Seahorses Blue. In attack, we used the size and strength of our players to carry the ball forward and suck in two, three or sometimes even four defenders which left the rest of field open for our quick runners to run into space and score. Using this tactic, we were able to keep the ball and dominate the opposition physically.

Final score: WAIS 7 – 4 Seahorses Blue

Next, we played against the Shanghai Seahorses Red. They had some very fast and elusive runners and so where the last game we focused on attack, here the boys had to focus much more on their defence. By sticking to their structure, staying in position and coming up quickly to make tackles they were able to keep the Seahorses runners from finding any space to run into. After a hard game of tackling the boys were able to come out on top and win the game!

Final Score: WAIS 5 – 4 Seahorses Red

The final game took place just two minutes after the last game had ended and so the team were all understandably tired but, after a quick team talk, were ready to take on the Shanghai Hairy Crabs. This game required a complete opposite game plan to the first: the opposition here were very big and strong and so we elected to use our speed to take them on. The Hairy Crabs had one player in particular who was a very strong ball carrier and so the WAIS boys had to be brave and tackle him low and in pairs in order to bring him down which they did effectively.

Final Score: WAIS 6 – 4 Hairy Crabs

And so the U9s went 3 wins from 3 games: undefeated! In both attack and defence they were excellent and stuck to the game plan throughout. It was so difficult for Mr. Gray to choose a player of the tournament due to everyone playing so well that he instead elected to give everybody in the team five Dojo points!

Well done boys! 


Under 11 Netball

Venue: Dulwich College, Puxi

Saturday 23rd February 2019

Today’s road trip was to Dulwich College, Puxi. We arrived a little late and the girls only had a short time to warm-up and get prepared for their first game against Dulwich College, Dehong “A”. The intention for the day was to do their best and enjoy the competition.   In the first half, it was a closely fought game however WAIS fell behind and were losing by two goals to nil despite creating several good scoring opportunities.   In the second half, the girls battled bravely, and the team defended well however the team could not find their rhythm to get back into the game. The focus for the next game was to be more clinical in shooting, to use the space better and to maintain a positive attitude.

Final Score: WAIS 0-2 Dulwich College, Dehong “A”

In the second game, WAISCZ played Dehong “B” team. Although the girls beat them last time this proved to be a difficult game. Both teams were evenly matched. WAISCZ managed to cancel out the play makers from the other team and thanks to some good team play the went into half time two goals up.  In the second half WAIS battled bravely and continued to create the better scoring opportunities and extended their lead.  The final whistle blew, and the game was a comfortable 6-2 win.   There were many positives from the game however the focus for the next game was to tighten up on the shooting technique and concentrate on footwork. 

Final Score: WAIS 6-2 Dulwich College, Dehong “B”

In the third game against Dulwich College, Puxi, the team started strongly by scoring two goals.  At half time the team were in a comfortable 3-1 lead.  The second half saw WAISCZ competing with energy and enthusiasm but conceded a goal to bring the score to 3-2. WAISCZ then closed out the game by scoring two more goals and were comfortable winners 5-2 . 

Final Score: WAIS 5-2 Dulwich College, Puxi

Dulwich College, Suzhou were the next opponents, and the girls were buoyant and eager to play.  The team combined well for the first three goals however against the run of play Suzhou scored a goal. In the second half the girls built on their lead and were once again comfortable winners.

Final Score: WAIS 4-1 Dulwich College, Suzhou

The team played extremely well and are a pleasure to coach and manage. Well done everyone.


Under 9 Netball

Venue: Dulwich College, Puxi

Saturday 23rd February 2019

After arriving a little late, the under 9 girls were full of nervous excitement. For some, it was their first time playing for the team and they were eager to try their best. 

After a quick pep talk the girls were ready for their first match against Dulwich A team. The game began and our girls showed good skill and awareness across the court. I think they even surprised themselves with their ability! They were well matched, and the ball was played equally across the court. By half time the score was 0 – 0 and the girls were ready to get back into play and show Dulwich what they could do. 

The second half proved to be a fast paced back and forth between WAIS and Dulwich. Both teams were passing well and WAIS often managed to gain control of the ball through some skillful interception. As we counted down the last ten seconds the ball ended up in Dulwich’s control and they scored the first goal of the match as the final second passed! Despite this late loss, the girls were pleased with their performance and felt confident moving into their next match.

Final Score: WAIS 0-1 Dulwich College, Puxi

After a quick discussion and reminder to space out a little more on the court, the girls were straight back into a match against Dulwich College, Suzhou. 

Suzhou have proven to be difficult opponents in the past, but the girls did not let this affect their play and they put up a great fight. They worked well as a team and their passing has become more controlled and accurate. By half time WAIS were 2-1 up thanks to some fast play and good team work. 

The second half proved to be just as successful as they pushed the score up to 3-1. Despite taking a good lead, they didn’t slow or falter and they fought well until the end of the match. The girls came off the court feeling elated at their great win! They had a well-deserved snack and rest and awaited their final match against Dulwich B team. 

Final Score: WAIS 3-1 Dulwich College, Suzhou

The final match arrived and for some of the girls, they were starting to look a little tired. During the course of this game, lots of substitutions were made to ensure everyone could have a rest whilst also exposing the whole team to as much game time as possible. 

The game was played well and the girls made sure to use all of the skills they have learnt to help them take the lead. Suzhou were fast and managed to break free a few times allowing them to dominate the ball and score a goal. The WAIS girls didn’t let this get to them and they continued to push through with some great interception and direct passes. Despite their good game play, it wasn’t quite enough to equalize the score and the game ended with Suzhou winning 1-0. 

Final Score: WAIS 0-1 Dulwich College, Suzhou

The U9 girls should be proud of their efforts today. They listened to each other and worked well as a team. They are excited for further matches so they can really develop their game play! Well done girls! 

This competition provided the girls with further match experience and allowed some grade 3s to experience competitive netball.