World Book Day in Primary

School News March 11, 2019
World Book Day in Primary

Wycombe Abbey International School had a fabulous and informative time celebrating World Book Day! All the teachers and children were dressed in fancy dress, with some exceptionally well thought out outfits and characters who were not the run of the mill, obvious choices for representation. The primary school went 'off-timetable' for the morning, whilst classes did special book related activities that linked to their author or class book.

Dolphin Class focussed on ‘The Day the Crayons Quit,’ and ‘The Day the Crayons Came Home,’ by Drew Daywalt. They pretended to be a crayon and wrote postcards to one of the characters in the book. They used persuasive writing and then composed imaginative landscapes using wild colours.  The children had peach coloured trees, purple grass, and even orange people. A crayon fort was constructed, using class construction equipment. The children worked hard and had a very enjoyable day.

Since Spring Festival, Blue Whale and Oyster Class have been studying The Brothers Grimm Fairy tales, such as 'Cinderella,' 'Hansel and Gretel,' 'Snow White and The Seven Dwarves,' and 'Sleeping Beauty.' To celebrate World Book Day, Blue Whale and Oyster class spent the morning developing ideas and creating their very own fairy tale prince or princess crowns. To do this, they used oil crayons and water colour paint to create their own personal crowns and used a variety of accessories to decorate them. They are very creative and the classes had lots of fun making the crowns and making a big mess too!

In Lobster Class, the focus was on the author Dr. Seuss and on Thursday the children read 'The Lorax'. Using some fantastic adjectives, the class were able to describe the main characters in the book: 'The Once-ler,' and 'The Lorax'. The class have started designing their own posters that promote protecting the environment, to try to ensure that the world we live in doesn’t end up like the world in the book.

Swordfish Class used World Book Day to compare the opening of the film The Iron Man to the first chapter of the book by Ted Hughes. The children had a great time making their own origami robots from paper, designing their own robots and planning some very imaginative stories.

Penguin class has really enjoyed their project about Roald Dahl and have had great fun writing their own stories. During World Book Day, they produced some fantastic written work and Mr. Rivers was impressed with the alternative versions of the Fantastic Mr. Fox story.

In Shark Class, the children have been reading 'Flight Of The Doves,' by Walter Macken, an Irish writer. They spent their free morning playing Kahoot on the iPads. This is an extremely competitive, whole class interactive quiz about 'Flight Of The Doves'. The children created a collaborative journey map on a large roll of paper, depicting all the places the characters travelled through, all of the characters they met and all of the things they saw along their way. In their English lessons, they have been exploring how to write exciting adventure stories of their own, using all the key features and story mountains to help us.

Orca Class have been studying 'Alice In Wonderland,' by Lewis Caroll and have written their own versions of the story.  They have copied them up in books that they have made themselves. These were displayed on their World Book Day Boards for all to read! They are wonderful!

Dragonfish and Narwhal pupils studied the first two chapters of the full-length children’s novel ‘The Indian In The Cupboard,’ by Lynne Reid Banks. They learnt about the author and did a quiz about her life. The class read the first two chapters aloud and studied some of the tricky vocabulary therein. They talked about what it means to be an ‘Indian’ in the context of being a Native American. They learnt about what a ‘protagonist’ is and the values they typically embody. The class then watched the film version of the book and finally, for homework, a competition was set challenging the class to see who could draw the best Indian.

In the evening, the boarders attended a hugely successful Harry Potter themed evening. The Harry Potter activities included: hat sorting, wand making, a quiz and mysterious spell related challenges.  All the staff worked very hard to make World Book Day a memorable occasion for the children and good fun was had by all!