U9 and U11 Netball Match

School News March 10, 2019
U9 and U11 Netball Match

Saturday 9th March

Venue: Dulwich College, Suzhou

Today Wycombe Abbey were taking two U11 teams and one U9 team to Dulwich College, Suzhou. The schedule for the day were for the teams to play each other twice. 

WAIS U11 v Suzhou U11

In the first half WAIS played to their strengths and moved the ball around the court with precision and speed which proved too much for the oppositions defense.  At the end of the first half J. Zhou and C. Sun had linked well with L. Wang and Y. Ye to score nine goals.  At the defending end L. Chen,C. Shang and A. Tang were solid in their defending and only conceded one goal.

In the second half the team continued to build on their lead and managed to score seven more goals to bring a convincing victory for the team.

Final Score: WAIS A 16-4 DCSZ A

In the second game WAIS A were uncharacteristically failing to find space and were being penalized for footwork and when the team did manage to create chances J. Zhou and C. Sun failed to find their range and scorned the opportunities.  The girls reached half time and found that they were three goals behind.

In the second half the girls started to use the space better and were more focused on their footwork. Consequently, the team started to carve out opportunities which J. Zhou and C. Sun managed to score nine goals.  The defense was more resolute with C. Shang and L. Chen only allowing the opposition to score three goals. 

Final Score: WAIS A 9-3 DCSZ B

The WAIS B team was made up from four grade 4 pupils and A. Bi was asked to captain and manage the team. She did a great job and placed the pupils in their positions. The girls were both solid in attack, scoring five goals and resolute in defense with S. Yan and S. Liu using their height advantage to good effect.

In the second half the girls continued to play well, and A. Bi and D. Huang combined well to score another four goals. 

In the second game for WAIS B the girls combined well and intelligently to get the ball to D. Huang and A. Bi to score nine goals between them. In defence, S. Yan and S. Liu defended well together and denied the opposition from scoring.  

Final Score: WAIS B 9-0 DCSZ B

WAIS U9 v Suzhou U9

The girls are growing in confidence and understanding with each game they play, and this is beginning to show in their play. The partnership of T. Chen and J. Li as GA and GS proved too much for the Suzhou defense who could not match their movement or prevent them scoring seven goals. 

Final Score: WAIS 7-1 DCSZ

In the second game the girls did well to consistently intercept when defending and linked well to get the ball to J. Li and T. Chen who scored a total of six goals. 

Final score: WAIS 6-1 DCSZ

Today all the girls played with confidence and intelligence.  All showed good sportsmanship behavior and should be congratulated and once again were a joy to take.