Gold Award Winners enjoy their spoils!

School News March 15, 2019
Gold Award Winners enjoy their spoils!

This past Tuesday, eighteen Grade 5s who have achieved the fantastic landmark of 300 house points so far this year were treated to a special pizza dinner and movie night. Departing from school at the end of the day, the very excited Grade 5s arrived at the restaurant accompanied by Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Aydon.

With some delicious pizza, side dishes, and fruit being served, there was little chance of anyone going hungry!

House points are tallied throughout the year for children in Grade 5, in a similar way to how the senior school operates, as part of their transition to the senior end of the school. They are given out for displays of good behaviour, speaking English freely, producing excellent work or following our Golden Rules.

The Gold Award winners already have their sights set on their next milestone – the 500 House Point Platinum Award!