Primary Boarding Spring Term Trip

School News March 23, 2019
Primary Boarding Spring Term Trip

It is very nearly the end of term and I’m sure all our boarders will be looking forward to having a good couple of weeks of rest at home. We rounded off this second term in style with a fantastic day out to the LongFeng Valley Ski Resort. The children participated in a range of fun activities including dry slope skiing, a zip wire, boat rides on a lake, a circus show, a 7D movie and an adventure playground. Please enjoy the few photos here of what was - undoubtedly - a fun day out for all!

We have decided to change the rooming arrangements this side of the Qingming holiday as opposed to when we come back – this will create less confusion what with students arriving back at different times on Sunday 7th April. The boarding staff believe that is important for our students to learn the valuable life skill of being able to live with people with who they might not otherwise choose to live with – this develops a child’s character and would be the tendency at the top boarding schools in the UK. Despite sorting out the room changing this week, we strongly urge parents to still take all their child’s possessions home and check that everything is named before being brought back to school. It is also worth mentioning that the weather will be a lot warmer when we resume school in April, and it is advisable that the children bring mosquito nets for their beds.

When the students return in April they can expect a new evening activities schedule on offer and a new system whereby through good behavior they compete to fill their marble jars and in doing so can get a reward! We will also be introducing weekly “senior boarder of the week” and “junior boarder of the week” awards for both the H2 and H3 corridors. I say ‘H2’ and ‘H3” …actually, the boys and girls recently had a competition to see who could think of the best name for their boarding corridor. As such, I am pleased to announce the H3 corridor will now be known as “magic island” and the H2 corridor as “girls wonderland”. Well done to Leo Shi and Alice Wang/Judy Zhou for thinking up these names.  

Please enjoy the following photos, and we wish you and your families together a fantastic (and restful) QingMing/Easter holiday.

The WAIS Primary Boarding Team