Primary Sports Day

School News May 13, 2019
Primary Sports Day

Grade 1 and 2 Sports Day

This year the Sports day was held in the dome and was a huge success helped by 5A1 pupils who were assigned to one of the eighteen stations. The focus for the sports day was to have all pupils actively engaged; working together and to display some Olympic values. This was achieved by organizing the grade 1 and 2  pupils into groups of six. The participants moved from one activity station to another to complete the assigned tasks. The  activity stations ranged from the Sack race, Obstacle Race, Football shoot out, Basketball push, Standing Long jump,  to the Hurdle relay to name a few. Through these competitive events, we could see sportsmanship, determination, friendship and teamwork on display all morning. The grade 5 pupils all took on their leadership roles with confidence and maturity which ensured the smooth running of all activities for the day. Medals were awarded to the team with the highest total in grade 1 and 2 and for the runners up and Mr. Jacobs awarded the medals in the school assembly. 

Grades 3-5 Sports Day

The senior end of the school had a scintillating Sports day last week. There were some breathtaking performances with some very tired but happy pupils walking away with clutches of medals and award stickers. Traditional track and field events, such as the sprints and middle distance runs, javelin throws, triple jumps and relays, were joined by the tug of war, the three legged race, and the egg and spoon race.

The passion and support on show between the pupils and the teachers was fantastic. Sports day is such an important event in the school calendar as it gives pupils an opportunity to show values such as friendship, courage, determination, inspiration and excellence.  The pupils were awarded extra points for their house for displaying these values.  

Pupils showed great effort, determination and in some cases courage throughout the day. 

The winners of the house competition were Fonteyn for the girls and Blake for the boys who achieved the highest average scores.