Gardening Club

School News May 26, 2019
Gardening Club

The arrival of warmer weather has meant the arrival of our new Gardening Club! Every Thursday a group of children have been enjoying getting muddy, a little dusty and up close with nature whilst also learning some valuable skills! 

Keeping children connected with the world around them and helping them understand how to care for it properly is incredibly important. As the world’s climate changes and global warming is making more of an impact, we must ensure that we are making a difference now to ensure a better future for all. Alongside the animal conservation ECA, Gardening Club allows the children to develop their understanding of where plants come from, how they grow and how we care for them. 

Grade 2 were the first to take the ECA and it was wonderful to see them getting so excited about a new spout or reminding each other to water and care for their plants daily. We began the ECA with a discussion of what it means to look after plants and nature and why it is important. 2M have previously done a big project on the rainforest and they remembered some great facts about how to protect the world around us! We then created some posters to place around our Primary Garden, kindly asking people to look after it. The following week, the children were taught how to weed and ensure the plants they really wanted to grow has the best chance by removing the weeds that may steal the water! They donned their gardening gloves, picked up a trowel and spent the ECA clearing the areas around the trees in the junior playground. The next week, it was time to start planting! The children got into pairs or threes and chose a pot to fill with their soil. Once filled they collected their seeds, poked their fingers into the soil and carefully planted and covered their seeds over. Once they were all tucked in we gave them some much needed water and left nature to work its magic! Sure enough, the next week the children were delighted to see little shoots appearing in their pots! It seemed the cucumbers and sunflowers were the fastest to grow whilst the flowers and celery were a little more shy! 

Overall, we have all had a wonderful time in gardening club and it has been great to ignite the children’s passions for nature and outdoor learning.