Wonderful start to the term

School News September 01, 2016
Wonderful start to the term

The new term began with us welcoming 600 parents and over 300 new pupils into the School, with most being boarders.

With our new name, came a new uniform and this has proved to be very popular indeed.

All the 550 pupils have begun to settle into their new routines. With Pupils and Parents alike using the new ‘Blue Book’ to confirm key information about the day to day routine and running of the school.

The ‘Blue Book’ is supported each week by the ‘Week Ahead.’ This notes the activities, academic and sporting, that each pupil is able to access during the week. It also notes any changes that differ from that published in the ‘Blue Book.’

The start of term also saw the opening of the new School Uniform Shop. The shop hours of opening are:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10.00am until 13.00hrs.