“Jack and Beanstalk” and Growing

School News June 19, 2019
“Jack and Beanstalk” and Growing

At the beginning of this term, Clownfish were surprised to find a large footprint, some colourful beans that specifically said not to plant and special parcel. 

They showed curiosity and thought carefully about what had happened. Was it a monster? A giant? What were the beans for? Why couldn’t we plant them? Why was the footstep here? What had happened? Lots of questions and predictions flew about the playground as children searched for the answer. 

Eventually, one of the children who was searching for more clues found a parcel. In the parcel was the story Jack and the Beanstalk.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the story, and this led onto to some fantastic learning. From this the children created their own wanted posters for the missing giant. They also learnt the story using a class story map and acted it out using props and puppets.

In our topic, the children also planted their own beans and have been carefully observing the changes over time as they grow. They considered carefully what they needed for the bean to grow and have been looking after them by watering them and making sure they are in the sunlight. The children also used this knowledge to independently plant seeds in the continuous provision. All the children were keen to grown different seeds and find out what happened. From this learning they have learnt lots of vocabulary, such as roots, shoots, leaves, stem, which has helped them understand plants more. 

The children have written their own stories of Jack and the Beanstalk. Some have even changed their story to create their own versions. They have also made their own front covers to make into books.

What excellent learning across the curriculum. A great way to end the year as Clownfish class move into Primary.