Primary End of Year Performance

School News June 21, 2019
Primary End of Year Performance

On Friday afternoon, the Primary school put on their annual end of year performance, this year on the theme of nature.

The children had all been working very hard over the course of the last few weeks in preparation for their big show in front of their families, and there was excitement throughout the school all morning.

There was a mixture of storytelling, singing, dancing and instrumentals from every class in the Primary school, and all pupils from Grade 1 to Grade 5 put on a thoroughly entertaining program.

The Disney performances of Grade 1 (Dolphin, Blue Whale and Oyster Class) were lovely, and all children looked particularly cute in their outfits. In Grade 2, the Turtle class gave an informative story about the life of bees, whilst the Stingray and Crab classes retold one of their favourite “Biff, Chip and Kipper” stories.

There were three different performances from Grade 3, with the Penguin class performing a song from a famous British Band, ELO, called Mr. Blue Sky, the Swordfish performing one of their most recent storybooks from English class “The Gruffalo”, and the Lobster class performed “Save the Trees”, a story similar to a book they had read earlier in the term, “The Lorax”.

At the higher end of the school, the Shark class in Grade 4 entertained the crowds with a fantastic dance routine to the song “What does the fox say?”, whilst the Seal and Walrus classes performed two separate stories linked by flight – the first a story from Ancient Greece, about a man who flew close to the sun, and the second, a recreation of a school Science lesson where the children learnt about flight, as well as the importance of treating everyone with respect.

The oldest grade in the school, the Grade 5s, all put on song and dance shows – the Orcas performing to a mix of different songs, whilst the Dragonfish and Narwhal classes performed to different animal themed songs.

It was great end to the year, and I hope that everyone in the audience enjoyed too – have a fantastic summer everyone, and see you in September!