G1-3 End of Year Trip

School News July 03, 2019
G1-3 End of Year Trip

Grade 1 End of Year Trip

On a glorious June morning, Grade 1 pupils set off on their school trip to “Super Elastic Trampoline Castle”. Filled with bouncy anticipation, the children streamed into the venue to receive a briefing from the staff who were awaiting our arrival. The Wycombe Abbey pupils were all asked to change into gripped yellow socks before any jumping could commence. Soon they were ready for the fun….

The children particularly enjoyed the game of “Jiaozi and Chopsticks” where all the pupils from one class had to hide in a huge pool of spongy cubes like jiaozi in a bowl and the teachers had to be the chopsticks and grab all the children and pull them out of the spongy soup! Needless to say, there were some very slippery little jiaozi!  Also very popular was the “Sparring Bridge” where two pupils had to try and dislodge the other from the bridge by using a huge soft buffer. And, of course, there was the pure bouncy pleasure of jumping on the trampolines. Mr Philpott and Mr Gray were in the thick of the action as they donned old dungarees and flew through the air on inflatable rafts. Meanwhile, Ms Kititi and Ms Yan were plummeted through a trap door into another bowl of foam to great cheers from the children.

Then it was off to the Global Cruise Hotel restaurant to feed some very tired and hungry children. With a nautical theme, the children were entranced by the illuminated jellyfish, statues of pirates and other ship memorabilia which bedecked the buffet area. The balloon swords were a great touch, too. There was plenty of delicious food and drink for the children to choose from, and many very helpful staff who looked after all the needs of the pupils. The throng of delighted children tucked into their meals to finish a wonderful day.

A huge “Thank you!” to Miss Maggie and Miss Ji who organized such a fantastic trip!!

Grade 2 End of Year Trip

Grade two had an exciting outing on Tuesday to Global Harbour’s Adorable Zoo. On arrival the children were given a tick sheet to fill in as they found the animals. 

After a small snack, everyone entered the zoo and were amazed to find free ranging peacocks, trees, parrots, racoons and dogs on the other side of the curtain! The peacocks were beautiful and the children were mesmerized by their long colorful tails, some were lucky enough to find some fallen feathers to take as a souvenir! Soon, they were able to move to the next room or choose to stay watch a dog and parrot show. Many of the students loved the friendly dogs and spent a lot of time carefully petting them. 

As we moved through the zoo, the children were excited to find lots of new weird and wonderful animals and it was lovely to see them taking care of them and being gentle. As their tick sheets were filling up, they were also lucky enough to be given the opportunity to feed some of the animals! The pigs were fed milk bottles and many children passed sunflower seeds into the tiny hands of the red squirrels. 

Moving on we found a very shy pygmy hedgehog, lots of guinea pigs, alpacas and more! The students were treated to a show from the resident seal before being given a souvenir sticker pack and the opportunity to play. They loved the ball pit and had a good time climbing the climbing frame. 

After all of that excitement everyone was very hungry and we made the short trip to Monkey King where we all filled up on a delicious meal of pizza, chips and salad. The children were so well behaved that the restaurant even mentioned it on their wechat moments! What a great way to end the year.

Grade 3 End of Year Trip

On Wednesday 26th June, all of Grade 3 boarded buses in the morning ahead of a fun day at the Dino Park in Xinbei.

Boarding two buses, we arrived at a drizzling Dino Park, and split into two groups ahead of the morning activities – the first group putting their protective gear on and picking up their artillery for a game of laser tag, with the second group able to play board games and games consoles, as well as take part in a mirror maze.

Laser Tag was lots of fun, with different teams taking on different tactics to take themselves to victory – occupying the higher ground was a consistent advantage throughout!

After a delicious lunch of steak and spaghetti, the afternoon was spent bowling and more laser tag, and despite some difficulties finding their aim early on, many of the children did really well knocking down their skittles – however none were able to match Mr. Wood’s impressive score of 165!

After the second round of laser tag and bowling had finished, we headed back to school, knowing that there were only two more days left of term!