Thousands of metres ran, rowed and cycled, and thousands of Renminbi raised as part of the Changzhou to Tokyo Fitness Challenge!

School News October 01, 2019
Thousands of metres ran, rowed and cycled, and thousands of Renminbi raised as part of the Changzhou to Tokyo Fitness Challenge!

On Saturday 28th September, the Primary School and Kindergarten hosted a parent activity afternoon, with hundreds of pupils and parents descending on the rugby field and athletics track for a fun afternoon, all in the name of raising money for the school’s official charity, the Changzhou Orphanage.

In the morning, all primary pupils spent time learning about their different houses and making some splendid artwork which will be used in displays around the school supporting their house, whereas KG enjoyed an arts and crafts morning. On top of this, children were involved in running more laps on the track, adding more and more distance to our eventual goal of 1875km, the distance from Changzhou to Tokyo. There were also games of football and endball taking place in the dome, and children also got the chance to enjoy the bouncy castles which were set up on the rugby field.

After lunch, the school staff band entertained the large crowd in the stands and on the field, before Mr. Jacobs introduced the “Open Mile” event – four laps around the track for anyone who wanted to compete – staff, teachers and pupils alike all took to the track, cheered on by the masses! Well done to Mr. Gray (Swordfish Class Form Tutor), Mrs Wood (Turtle Class Form Tutor), Mr. Ye (D. Ye’s father – Shark Class), and Mrs. Yu (J. Yu’s Mother – Seal Class) for finishing first in their respective categories. The top three in each category will be announced in the upcoming newsletter after Golden Week.

After the run in the heat, refreshments were certainly needed, and many took the opportunity too refuel at the refreshment tables nearby. 

Throughout the rest of the afternoon, more and more people got aboard the rowers and stationary bikes, as well as covering even more laps around the track, leading to some very generous donations in the donations box which was placed in the middle of the grandstand throughout the afternoon.

There was also a very competitive game of football taking place in the dome throughout the afternoon featuring parents and pupils.

Overall, the whole day went incredibly well, with a feel good atmosphere amongst everybody, enjoying the sunshine and giving everything they could in aid of what is a very worthwhile cause! 

At last count, the school has raised just over 38,000元, which is an absolutely incredible amount to have raised after just a week – donations will be accepted right up until the Rugby World Cup final on Saturday 2nd November.

Have a fantastic Golden Week holiday to one and all!