Blue Whales Create Art Using Natural Objects

School News October 18, 2019
Blue Whales Create Art Using Natural Objects

The Blue Whale class is currently exploring colours in art lessons where they have learnt how to make secondary colours through primary colours as well as creating colour tints and shades.

For last week in art it was time for the children to explore colour by using natural objects.  The children learnt about British nature artist Andy Goldsworthy, who is famous for creating art pieces by using only natural objects.  The children looked at some of his artwork to get a better understanding of how he represents his art. 

The children were assigned a task to create an Andy Goldsworthy style art piece and to make sure it shows the colours changing from dark to bright.  Due to the fact that it now is Autumn, the children were able to use plenty of leaves on the ground.

During the activity the children presented good team work skills, including organising who would get which object as well as planning together how they were going to approach their artwork.  The children were able organise their work from dark colour to light colours. 

There is no doubt that Blue Whale class will venture outside again in the near future to create more artwork in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.  However, we all hope that it will be less windy next time!