Spelling Bee

School News October 28, 2019
Spelling Bee

We have been holding an extremely exciting spelling competition over the last couple of weeks, here at WASCZ Primary School. It started with a preliminary round where lists of words were issued to everyone, which were taken home and memorised. The whole of our school was involved, every single pupil had a chance to win this contest. 

After all pupils were tested on their words, two children (representing each house) were forwarded to the semi-final round. The pressure was ramped up for this round as the children were not allowed to take the list of words home to memorise. Children had to be prepared to spell the words on the spot. This semi-final was held last week during break-time. Following the results, the top three children from each grade were forwarded to the final. 

Last Friday, the Grand Final was held in the theatre, in front of the entire school. It was very tense; the pressure was high and you could have heard a pin drop in the audience as we held our breathe whilst the finalists wrestled with some terrifically challenging words. The Grade 5 final was particularly exciting as it progressed to sudden death. Even after six rounds of sudden death, it was still neck and neck! 

Ultimately, winners were awarded with their rewards: third prize was a trophy, house points and a certificate; second prize was a trophy, house points, a certificate and chocolate and the triumphant winners were awarded a trophy, a certificate and a special book. Good work from everyone involved but special congratulations to the winners, a lot of terribly tricky words were tackled calmly and accurately and under pressure in front of an audience. Well done!

Grade 1 Winners:

1st – J. Fu

2nd – A. Fan

3rd – E. Kobayashi

Grade 2 Winners:

1st – L. Zhou

2nd – N. Van Welden

3rd – T. Wang

Grade 3 Winners:

1st – A. Zou

2nd – R. Shaikh

3rd – S. Yang

Grade 4 Winners:

1st – J. Zhang

2nd – J. Yu

3rd – N. Mayell-Middleton

Grade 5 Winners:

1st – L. Angeheben

2nd – S. Van Welden

3rd – T. Du / E. He