Primary House Sports – Football and Netball

School News November 01, 2019
Primary House Sports – Football and Netball

“To see every child in the school from Grade 3 to Grade 5 playing competitive sport for over an hour was a delight to witness. They have all come such a long way over the years and the sportsmanship and way the children conduct themselves on and off the pitch was commendable.”

The House sports would not be able to take place without the incredible work and organisation from the teachers, in particular Mr Lawton who put it all together to ensure every child got to play as much sport during the day as possible.

Grade 3 Girls Netball Competition

In the Grade 3 girls competition there were four teams competing. Due to the numbers it made sense for Blyton, Austen and Somerville to join forces, becoming Blaustenville. This meant that there were seven pupils on each team and made for an exciting spectacle.

The girls came up with some excellent tactics and as the morning progressed they started to pass the ball with more pace and accuracy. Cavell were superb at moving the ball wide and up the court quickly with Angel and Candice being the star players for the winning team.

Many congratulations to all of the girls for playing their hearts out but especially to Iris and Eva who picked up the two main awards. Iris put in so much effort throughout the day. There are also special mentions to Judy, who was courteous as she always retrieved the ball for the other team. L. Ge for helping Yantong when she fell down hurt and Sherry for her positive attitude throughout the morning.

1st Cavell
2nd Dove
3rd Fonteyn
4th Blaustenville

Most Valuable Player E. Yang
Sportsmanship Award I. Duo

Grade 4 Girls Netball Competition

With slightly less numbers in each of the Girls Houses, we combined Austen + Somerville, Blyton + Cavell and Dove + Fonteyn to make three teams. All the girls were fantastic in their efforts and special mention goes to C. Oh who was awarded Most Valuable Player of the tournament as she worked tirelessly throughout each game and scoring lots of points for her team. C. Li was awarded the sportsmanship award for continuing to be a positive influence by encourage her teammates throughout the day. Austen + Somerville finished in 1st place, in 2nd place joint on points and only separated by points scored was Blyton + Cavell and in 3rd was Dove + Fonteyn. Congratulations to all our winners and well done to everyone who took part in a fantastic day of school netball.

Most Valuable Player: C. Oh
Sportsmanship Award: C. Li

Grade 5 Girls Netball Competition

After lunch the atmosphere was electric as the Grade 4 and 5 pupils prepared to play for the House Cup. It had already been a busy morning of sport with the Grade 3 girls playing netball and boys playing football. The netball courts were definitely getting some good use as every court was in use throughout the day.

The shooting from some of the girls was very impressive and there were some high scoring games. There were special mentions for Madeline, Cathy, Della, Sandy, Abril, Laura, Kaylee, Molly, Cherry, Emma, Dora, Cindy and Tina, as they all received player of the match for their team in at least one game. We have some tall and strong girls in Grade 5 and the defending was excellent. Especially the feistiness from Stephanie, which earned her player of the tournament.

1st Cavell
2nd Fonteyn
3rd Blyton
4th Dove
5th Austen
6th Somerville

Most Valuable Player S. Guo
Sportsmanship Award S. Wang

Grade 3 boys football competition

The boys certainly love their football at Wycombe Abbey and today was no exception. It was great to see the boys play so well, put their skills into practice. The pitches were big for the 6-a-side teams and there was lots of space to pass into. At this age the boys are still grasping the idea of standing in space and getting the ball to do the work, although for some they lack the strength in their legs to kick the ball the width of the pitch.

There were six teams all eager to show off their skills and congratulations to the following who were nominated as player of at least one match: Kimi, Hans, Andy, Ethan, Jay, Andrew X, George, Lukas, Finn, Andy Y and Wind. There were goals a plenty during the morning, and lots of teams finished on the same points, which meant every goal scored was incredibly important.

Both Scott and Elgar finished on 13 points as they won four matches and drew their match against each other. However Elgar scored 18 goals whereas Scott scored just 7, which was the difference in the end.

1st Elgar
2nd Scott
3rd Hawking
4th Turner
5th  Blake / Newton

Most Valuable Player L. Egervari
Sportsmanship Award C. Gu

Grade 4 boys football competition

The boy’s football was a fiercely competitive event that nearly went down to the wire on goal difference, however it was won by just two points by Scott House. H. Liao was in terrific form all day as he scored an astonishing 20 out of his team’s 21 goals and rightly picked up the award for Most Valuable Player of the tournament! R. Huang displayed some brilliant sportsmanship throughout the day, not only showing how much of a talented footballer he is, but how fair, honest and selfless he is towards his fellow teammates and opponents. Only a single point separated 2nd and 3rd place, which was Newton and Blake House respectively. Congratulations to all our winners and well done to everyone who took part in a fantastic day of school football.

Most Valuable Player: H. Liao
Sportsmanship Award: R. Huang

Grade 5 boys football competition

This was a terrific competition and with three pitches outside and 6-a-side there was plenty of space for the skilful players to dribble into. We have some talented players in Grade 5 as we found out last week at the Harrow competition, where we won all five of our matches and came home with the trophy. Well done to Lucas, Dragon, Jason C, Issy, Terry, Yiming, Hardy, Bruce, Ethan, Zexi, Eric, Jason Z, Ben Z and Aron who all picked up player of the match awards. Again it was incredibly tight at the top with the top two houses finishing on 13 points.

1st Scott
2nd Blake
3rd Turner
4th Newton
5th Hawking
6th Elgar

Most Valuable Player: Y. Wang
Sportsmanship: O. Qi