Grade 2 Art: All About Kandinsky

School News November 11, 2019
Grade 2 Art: All About Kandinsky

For the past few months, Grade 2 have been reviewing what was learned in Grade 1 on the topic of colour. The children revisited primary and secondary colours and colour mixing. They have then extended this knowledge to explore tints and shades, warm and cool colours, colour moods and complementary colours.

The designated Artist for this topic was Wassily Kandinsky. The children learned about his life, how he believed music and art were connected and about his preferred style of painting: Abstract. They responded verbally to different examples of his abstract art. Using paint, coloured pencils or felt tips the children then recreated their own versions of his more well-known artwork.

For the final project, the children we tasked with showing everything they had learned during the topic. This was achieved by designing and creating a collage in the style of Kandinsky’s most famous piece, Colour Studies: Squares with Concentric Circles.

The children have worked exceptionally hard throughout the project, and the final results reflect their growth in knowledge of colour within Art.