Changzhou Giants Rugby and Warriors Netball Results

School News November 05, 2019
Changzhou Giants Rugby and Warriors Netball Results

Changzhou Giants 17-17 Shanghai RFC Green Dragons

On Saturday 26th October, the Changzhou Giants rugby team, consisting of many members of the Wycombe Abbey School Staff common room, hosted the Shanghai RFC Green Dragons team, consisting of many players who had won the All China Cup during the previous season (2018-19).

With many onlooking pupil spectators from both the Primary and Secondary School, what followed was an entertaining and physical match, with many big tackles and collisions taking place throughout.

After some initial sluggish play from the Giants which let in a try early for the Green Dragons, the Giants came back into the match, scoring tries from amongst others: Mr. Wood (Primary Deputy Head – Pastoral) and Mr. Gray (Grade 3 Teacher).

The game ebbed and flowed and at the end of play, there was nothing to separate the teams, with the match ending in a 17-17 draw.

The Giants next take on the Suzhou Late Knights in the Jiangsu Cup Final on Saturday 23rd November in Suzhou.

Changzhou Warriors 

On the 26th of October the Changzhou Warriors, consisting nearly entirely of members of staff from the WASCZ Common Room, took on Shanghai Pudong and Shanghai Puxi in a series of highly competitive and enjoyable netball matches. The first game proved highly challenging for the Warriors 2nd team and, despite some skilled play from the likes of Miss Sinnamon (Secondary Science and PE) and great efforts by all, unfortunately resulted in a defeat.

However, things began to look up when the Warriors 1st team played Shanghai Pudong. Although Pudong proved they were great competition and fabulous netball was played, they were no match for the mighty Warriors who comfortably won. Especially well done to Miss Tamati and Mrs Wood (Grade 2 Teacher) for their slick movement around the circle and eagle-eyed shooting.

The Warriors 1st team’s next match was against Shanghai Puxi and it soon became apparent that the two teams were very evenly matched as reflected by the 12 all score at half-time. An extremely competitive and demanding match for both teams. Unfortunately, for the Warriors it was not meant to be and Puxi managed to just pull away in the last two minutes giving them a two-point lead and eventually resulting in them winning the match.

Despite this defeat the Warriors should be incredibly proud of themselves. The whole day was filled with wonderful gameplay which can be attributed to the hard work the team have put into training these past few weeks.