Horse-Riding Victory

School News November 25, 2019
Horse-Riding Victory

21 Pupils of Wycombe Abbey School Changzhou attended the first horse riding competition in association with Changzhou Qiji Equestrian Club on Sunday 24th November.

Throughout the assessment day pupils were tested on their horse riding knowledge and skills which they have acquired since commencing their horse riding ECA in September 2019. Pupils began with a written test which assessed theoretical understanding of horses and riding equipment. They were then evaluated on their horsemanship by tacking up a horse, with consideration to important safety precautions. Assessors scored pupils on their attention to detail regarding the position of the saddle.

It was a pleasure to observe pupils’ clearly enjoying their interactions with their horse whilst displaying ultimate care and respect for these beautiful animals. pupils especially enjoyed the final task of the day where they were assessed on their riding skills. Here, pupils were able to showcase all they have learnt from lessons from mounting, completing a rising trot and dismounting without assistance.

Once assessments were complete, instructors were able to count scores across the 3 different challenges. Pupils who placed 1st to 6th were then presented with their well-earned certificate by the Qiji Equestrian Club President. Those placed were pleasantly surprised and clearly proud of their endeavours.

1st Place: A. Dong (Year 10)

2nd Place: F. Huang (Year 10)

3rd Place: J. Zhu & L. Wu (Year 7)

4th Place: R. Wang (Year 8)

5th Place: C. Xu (Grade 1)

6th Place: P. Pan (Year 8)