WASCZ Tennis and Fencing Competition

School News December 03, 2019
WASCZ Tennis and Fencing Competition

We had an exciting day on Sunday 1st December, which saw Wycombe Abbey host the inaugural tennis and fencing competitions for Secondary and Primary pupils.

It was a wonderful opportunity for our pupils to showcase their talents and put into practice the skills they have learnt so far in their training sessions and ECAs.

These sports will be exhibited each term at school with the aim of improving our pupils’ confidence whilst also encouraging healthy competition.

A huge thank you to all the parents that took the time to come and watch the pupils compete. Your support as spectators was invaluable and we very much hope this support continues in the future.

Tennis results:


Juniors – 1st: L. Lu, 2nd : E. Ai, 3rd: S. Zhou and R. Xing

Seniors – 1st: A. Chen, 2nd: R. Wang, 3rd: L. Lu and C. Wang



Year 7 and 8 - 1st S. Chen, 2nd E. Luo, 3rd K. Wang

Year 9 and 10 – 1st W. Wang, 2nd W. Wu, 3rd C. Wang


1st E. Yu, 2nd D. Ding, 3rd A. Song

Fencing results:


G1 – 2: 1st S. Zhou, 2nd J. Xu, 3rd J. Zhong and S. Sun

G3 – 5: 1st M. Xiong, 2nd I. Xiao, 3rd E. Chen and K. Li


Girls: 1st M. Meng, 2nd J. Jiang, 3rd equal H. Hu and L. Li, 5th K. Ma, 6th T. Huang, 7th K. Liu, 8th D. Jiang
Boys: 1st O. Zhong, 2nd D. Yu, 3rd equal D. Zhang and D. Xu, 5th Z. Zhou, 6th S. Zhu, 7th T. Liu, 8th T. Wang