Rugby is back at WASCZ

School News January 11, 2020
Rugby is back at WASCZ

On the first Saturday of the new term, the WASCZ Under 9 and Under 11 rugby teams travelled to Shanghai for their first matches of the season, against the Japanese Seahorses.

Date: Saturday 11th January 2020

Venue: SCSC, Shanghai

Opponents: Japanese Seahorses

The Under 11 WASCZ rugby team travelled to SCSC for their first matchday of the new year, taking on the Japanese Seahorse team.

The boys had a mixture of experience, with some players returning from Grade 4 to now play as Grades 5s, some joining the U11s from the U9s last year, and some playing their very first match of rugby ever!

The first game was against the Seahorse “A” team, and we knew it would be a very tough test against a team who have been inspired by the recent Rugby World Cup, held in Japan. Despite initial determination, failure to make tackles in defence and not securing the ball for their teammates in attack, meant the boys fell to a relatively heavy defeat. Captain Y. Wang was the standout for the boys making some fantastic tackles throughout.

Man of the Match: Y. Wang

Tackler of the Match: Y. Wang

In the second match against Seahorse “B” team, L. Angeheben joined Y. Wang in making some great tackles in defence, as well as J. Jiang, playing in his first game of rugby ever! O. Qi made some good ground going forward with the ball in attack too. Sadly, the team overall missed too many tackles and their heads went down which meant they conceded a fair few tries. O. Yan, making his debut for the U11s after starring for the U9s last year, was the man of the match, making some great tackles and also scoring the first try for the U11s in 2020!

Man of the Match: O. Yan

Tackler of the Match: J. Jiang

Tries: O. Yan

In the final match of the day against a mixed Seahorse team, the boys saved their best performance for last, making some big tackles, and even better, scoring some excellent tries - particularly from the very fast H. Feng (2 tries), L. Angeheben, Y. Wang and J. Jiang.

Man of the Match: H. Feng

Tackler of the Match: L. Angeheben

Tries: H. Feng (2), Y. Wang, L. Angeheben, J. Jiang

Overall, the boys showed fantastic determination and improvement over the course of their matches, and whilst there are certainly aspects to improve upon, most notably tackling in defence and securing the ball in attack, the boys are already looking forward to their matchday next weekend.

U11 Try Scorers:

H. Feng – 2

L. Angeheben – 1

Y. Wang – 1

J. Jiang – 1

O. Yan - 1

WASCZ U9 rugby won 4 games to 1 against the Japanese Seahorses

It was a cold, damp Winters day in January and the U11 and U9 boys set their alarms for 5.30am in order to play their first games of rugby in Shanghai against the Japanese Seahorses.

U9A v Seahorses won 15-10

In the first game of the season the U9 boys were keen to show what they had learnt in training into practice on the field. In training the boys have shown huge potential, especially on the tackling front. However, it is one thing tackling your friend and another tackling someone you have never seen before.

We got off to a good start with A. Yang and A. Cao scoring some good tries. Throughout the day A. Yang tackled like a man possessed diving at everything that moved! It was a close game but our strength physically was enough to secure a victory. The most impressive part of the game was us defending our own line with relentless tackling for about a minute, eventually causing the knock on and turnover ball! Well done boys a great start!

Tackler of the match – A. Yang

Man of the match -  H. Huang

U9B v Seahorses Lost 20-30

The second team also played some great rugby throughout the day. B. Sun was too tackled, despite tackling Grade 3s when he is only in Grade 1! L. Jin was incredibly effective with ball in hand, running straight and hard, and scoring 5 tries in total over the course of the day. We were superb with ball in hand and made some excellent runs, sadly on two occasions despite running through the whole of the team R. Shaikh was unable to touch the ball down over the try line. L. Jin scored 3 tries and B. Sun finished off a good try H. Huang making a nice break up the field. We need to work on making a Blue Wall in defence spanning the width of the pitch.

Tackler of the match – B. Sun

Man of the match – R. Shaikh

U9A won 25-10

Our tails were up and although the hands had cooled considerably while the second team was playing the boys were eager to prove themselves once again. E. Wan, A. Cao and F. Wilson were all running hard and making good ground forward. A. Yang continued to dominate the tackles and it was great to see others getting more involved in the support play. A. Cao was running hard and as he was being tackled he started to look for offloads, which worked incredibly well! A very good match and well done to all of the boys on such a big team effort! Tries from A. Yang 2, E. Wan 2 and A. Cao.

Tackler of the match – A. Chen for a great tackle into touch.

Player of the match – A. Cao

U9B won 30-15

After losing their first game we spoke about the positives from the first match, which was our evasive running and moving forward with the ball. We now wanted to work on our defensive line, spreading out and coming up to make the first up tackles. We did just that and the line was well led by F. Figura and I Song Fu. More of the boys got involved in this match as we enabled each player to have a run with the ball, which really improved their confidence on the pitch. R. Xing ran the majority of the pitch, nearly scoring and R. Shaikh also managed to ground another excellent run. A much improved performance and we showed good stamina in the latter stages of the game. Try scorers were L. Jin 2, B. Sun 2, L. Egervari 1 and R. Shaikh 1.

Tackler of the match – F. Figura

Man of the match – B. Sun

U9 Try Scorers:

L. Jin 5

A. Cao 3

A. Yang 3

E. Wan 2

L. Egevari 1

B. Sun 3

R. Shaikh 1