A Journey to ‘The Dragon Machine’

School News January 17, 2020
A Journey to ‘The Dragon Machine’

This morning, when we came into our classroom, it quickly became apparent that something very strange had been going on. Grade One were mystified as they stared at the unusual things that had appeared in the classroom.

 Miss Mellor needed some help from the children in Dolphin Class to investigate what had happened. Something or someone had clearly been rampaging around in the classroom whist everyone was asleep in their beds. There were some huge footprints and some extremely strange objects lying around. The children gathered around to discuss this and began conducting their own detective work. They were excited to discover that the strange visitors to their classroom had been DRAGONS, who had left behind not only massive footprints but a cache of eggs: DRAGON EGGS! Grade One were very excited!

The scene was thoroughly investigated by the children, as they hunted for hidden clues hidden in envelopes around the classroom. Descriptions were made of the findings; predictions were collated and our new project about ‘The Dragon Machine’ by Helen Ward was well and truly underway!