KG Home Learning

School News April 10, 2020
KG Home Learning

In Kindergarten at Wycombe Abbey, the teachers have been busy setting the children different optional learning tasks linked to their topic of ‘Animals and Spring’.

The learning is based on the areas linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage and has a focus so the children can develop and acquire new skills based on upon experiences.

Here are some different areas of learning that have been taken place at home for our wonderful Kindergarten children in KG1, KG2 and KG3.

Physical development

It is important for our children to keep physically active, to develop their physical strength in their muscles which will help them to play sports and write well. Here are some children practising yoga, moving and developing their balancing skills.

Creative learning

The children have loved being creative and have used a variety of resources and materials in their homes to create their master pieces.


It is important for children to practise their understanding of numbers, shape, space and measurements. Here are some children involved in different Maths activities.

Writing and mark making

It is wonderful to see lots opportunities to support writing and mark making for our youngest children. Here are examples of different types of writing across all year groups

The world around us

The children have been learning about the natural world around them, how things work, and the importance of technology, which has been promoted within our topics. The children have enjoyed using online games to help and support with their learning and they have enjoyed activities based on animals and growth. A favourite has been taking part in different science experiments which has engaged curiosity and awe. We have had lots of children being involved in home routines such as cooking, cleaning and fixing things.

We have all loved seeing the different optional learning taking place at home and the children’s involvement with these tasks. It has seen many children trying and exploring new things.

We will be sure to celebrate the children’s successes when they return to school.