Children's Day in Primary

School News June 02, 2020
Children's Day in Primary

A special day in the calendar at school, Children's Day, was celebrated this past Monday 1st June in the Primary School.

Children were allowed to come in their own clothes for the day, as well as bringing in snacks to share with their friends and board games to play during extended “Golden Time” periods in the morning and afternoon.

Our eldest year group, Grade 5, were even able to play games on their phones for part of the day – a special treat indeed!

At lunchtime, the children were entertained by clowns, balloon animals and party streamers, before two big games of football between the teachers during afternoon ECA, including Mr. Lawton, Mr. Philpott and Mr. Gray, first up against the boys, with the boys winning a close game 6-5, before the girls scored a convincing win over the teachers, by 9 goals to 1!

In the afternoon, each class was treated to a delicious chocolate cake to share with their classmates, which was a lovely way to end the day.

We are already looking forward to next year's Children's Day in 2021!