A storm is brewing in the Blue Whale Class!

School News June 12, 2020
A storm is brewing in the Blue Whale Class!

Blue Whales are currently reading the exciting book Grandad's Secret Giant by David Litchfield. The children are currently up to the section of the story where the main character is recalling a tragic thunderstorm.

The class were in for a surprise where they discovered that their classroom had been transformed into a huge boat. Mr. Marland straight away ordered them to sit in the boat as fast as they could so they could escape the terrible thunderstorm that they could see and hear. They could also see and hear the horrible, strong waves as well feel them when Mr. Marland surprisingly squirted them with water!

Once the had safely escaped the thunderstorm, they discussed together what they could see, feel, and hear. They then turned these into noun phrases, making sure that they included double adjectives.

The lesson concluded with the class thinking of how they could use these noun phrases into a diary entry. The class created their own diary entry based on the events that had just occurred, which was used as a modelled example the following lesson.

The children had a lot of fun with this lesson and came up with fantastic adjectives to describe what they could hear, see and feel.