Primary Sports Awards 2020

School News June 16, 2020
Primary Sports Awards 2020

The athletics track and grandstand was the venue this past Friday 12th June for the Primary School’s Annual Sports Awards and BBQ. On a baking hot day, all of the children who have been involved in our rugby, netball, and football training squads and matches this year were invited to attend to celebrate all the hard work they have put in throughout the year.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic causing the cancellation of many of our fixtures this year, there were many pupils who regularly showcased their talents on the field or the court.

After tucking in to a delicious BBQ, the children and teachers took refuge in the shade of the grandstand, as Mr. Wood and Mr. Thurgood started the awards ceremony, talking about the importance of sport in our lives and how it develops teamwork, confidence, leadership, and hand-eye co-ordination to name but a few skills. Having so many enthusiastic sports boys and girls (seventy in total) is fantastic to see and bodes well for the future of sport at Wycombe Abbey, Changzhou.

Each award was given for our core sports, which are rugby, netball and football. All of the pupils listened intently and showed great respect by giving big rounds of applause after every award presented. After all the awards had been presented, all pupils gave one final huge round of applause for all of the Mr Wood, Mr Lawton, Mr Philpott, Mr. Gray,Mrs Wood, Miss Tamati and many more who have been involved in sport this year. They put in so much effort into developing sport in the Primary School, running training sessions, and giving up their weekends to take teams to Shanghai to compete against other schools in the region.

Before the children headed back to class, the pupils took on the teachers, in a 70 pupil vs 5 teacher football match. The winning goal was scored by Mr. Lawton as the teachers ultimately won, 1-0! The children insisted that they would win the next match later on in the term.

All the children involved today displayed fantastic behaviour and respect for their classmates and peers and we hope that their passion for competitive sport will continue to grow in the future.

Congratulations in particular to all of this year's award winners:


U11 Player of the Year – Y. Wang

U11 Tackler of the Year – E. Zhang

U11 Sportsmanship Award – A. Xia

U11 Mr. Positive Award – O. Qi

U11 Speed Demon Award – H. Feng

U11 Most Improved Player – A. Zhang

U9 Player of the Year – A. Yang

U9 Tackler of the Year – E. Wan

U9 Sportsmanship Award – A. Cao

U9 Mr. Positive Award – F. Figura

U9 Speed Demon Award – L. Egervari

U9 Most Improved Player – L. Jin


U11 Shooter of the Year – S. Yan

U11 Mover of the Year – R. Xue

U11 Defender of the Year – D. Ye

U11 Sportsmanship Award – L. Ding

U11 Miss Positive Award – T. Chen

U11 Speed Demon – S. Wang

U11 Most Improved Player – C. Sun


Player of the Year – L. Angeheben

Sportsmanship Award – R. Huang

Golden Gloves Award (Goalkeeper of the Year) – O. Qi

Mr. Positive Award – T. Du

Mr. Versatile – D. Zhang

Breakthrough Player (Grade 4) – H. Liao

Team Player Award – D. Hu

Super Striker Award – Y. Wang

Breakthrough Player (Grade 3) – A. Yang