What a Fulfilled Couple of Weeks in KG

School News June 22, 2020
What a Fulfilled Couple of Weeks in KG

The children have all settled back into school life and are continuing to make memories with their teachers and friends.

All children in Kindergarten had a special day celebrating “Children’s Day”, where they came to school in their own clothes, took part in a variety of activities, received extended playtimes and enjoyed an ice-cream as part of their afternoon snack.  Some of the crafts the children took part in included designing and making a rattle drum, colouring activities as well as writing stories and creating models using clay.

The highlight of the day was having their face painted.  Our talented KG staff were able to paint the children’s faces exactly how they wanted.  We had lots of smiles for the day and all the staff especially enjoyed sharing it with the children.

During our school closure “World Book Day” took place, so we as a Kindergarten team ran our very own event, where the children were invited to come to school in Pyjamas and bring in a story to share with their friends. The day was based around books and their love of reading.

Classes visited the library for a session with Mrs. Shaikh and shared stories during show and tell.  At the end of the day the children had stories shared with them, which also forms part of our EYFS curriculum.

The children designed characters and wrote books reviews from books they read, as well as using the Duplo to build scenes from the story.  The children explored the chess board in the Primary playground and played some parachute games outside.

It was a fun and especially comfy day by both teachers and children and to follow this up they have shared their favourite stories with everyone.